Sustaining a socially responsible working environment

Here at Gina@work, sustainability is extremely important. We are responsible for minimising the impact our business has on the environment. We’re also mindful of the effect our business has on our community. Therefore, we do our best to ensure that we play our part in sustaining a healthy, socially responsible working environment. This is why we’ve implemented a number of initiatives, which we’re constantly improving.


Our entire organisation is committed to driving transformation in the workplace.  Through the promotion and support of the previously disadvantaged, we try to do our part.  We invest in training and skills-development on all levels.  As an organisation, Gina@work strives to help provide equal opportunities for all South Africans.

We are proud to be playing our part, and have partnered with Umojo Uniforms, a full-service uniform supplier that is committed to delivering corporate clothing collections with care – and flair! Our business is 100% B-BBEE legislation compliant and achieved a level 4 B-BBEE Rating in our most recent audit.


We care passionately about our community, which is why we are constantly on the look-out for new and exciting ways for us to contribute to bettering the lives of the previously disadvantaged.

At Gina@work, the bulk of our Corporate Social Investment initiatives focus on uplifting the underprivileged members of our community.  To a lesser extent, our employees also focus on actively contributing and involving themselves in community projects.  In all our efforts – be it supplying free uniforms to non-profit organisations, supplying fabrics to disadvantaged sewing schools free of charge or creating enjoyable, memorable experiences with abused or underprivileged children, we take pleasure in knowing that we are contributing to making our country a better place.


We strive to reduce the impact we have on the environment, which bears testament to the philosophy of care underlying everything we do here at Gina@work.  Our team are committed to keeping the country’s resources – indeed the planet’s resources – in mind when carrying our our work.

Waste and by-products generated as a result of our manufacturing processes is diligently recycled or repurposed.  We provide recyclable waste to members of our community who rely on recycling to generate an income, and are always on the look-out for ways to benefit our communities through similar mechanisms.  We prefer not to generate true waste of any kind, and are responsible in our consumption of water, electricity and other resources.  Our facilities are kitted-out with low-energy lighting, energy-saving equipment and the like.  We will continue to focus on reducing our carbon-footprint and staying mindful of what we use and how we use it.