Committed to providing excellent service

Gina@work has developed effective processes that have kept our business running smoothly for over 33 years. Our head office in Selby, Johannesburg is home to a large team, who are on hand to assist you with your requirements. The Gina@work family is a growing collection of customer service and sales consultants, manufacturers and general movers and shakers! Each and every employee that makes up our team is committed to providing excellent service, with a smile.

We take great pride in delivering products and services of a very high standard. Part of our process involves working closely with our client to fully understand their requirements. Care and respect are central to everything we do. Our team draws on over 3 decades of experience, and delights in creating quality clothing that lasts.

Delivering with care is the very fabric of what we do and how we do it. Our passion for people and product perfection is evident in all of our processes, and that will never change.