Our approach to men’s Corporate Wear Collection

First impressions are an essential consideration for our approach to men’s Corporate Wear Collection. The corporate environment needs a look that projects professional integrity while ensuring comfort and ease of movement for the wearer. This is a fine balancing act that requires an eye for exact cuts, fabrics and colours as well as an in-depth understanding of job demands, activities and working environments.

The experience of wearing an item of our collection should inspire a sense of ease and confidence as a valued team player. As such, Gina@work delights many thousands of valuable professionals each and every day through the style, fit and practicality of their Corporate Wear garments.

Our core principles of exceptional service and design inspire trust in our many clients, who have come to rely on Gina@work to create looks that resonate with their business culture while allowing their staff the comfort and style to be ambassadors of their company’s brand.

A profound understanding of both the corporate clothing industry and the needs of our loyal customers drives our vision and culture. For us, invention and adaptability are priorities, because every business and every wearer is unique. Our aim is to create garments that mirror our client’s objectives through flexibility and attention to detail.

More than thirty years’ experience in corporate clothing production is complemented by our reputation as one of South Africa’s market leaders. Our in-house manufacturing and expertise in fabrics and styling make us the premium choice for providing you with the ultimate in functional comfort and style


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