Workwear Clothing—Versatility in the Office

At Gina we understand that the most important feature of corporate uniforms our customers should bear in mind, is that workwear clothing must at all times be comfortable.

No industries require staff to work long hours in trying conditions. If you expect high levels of productivity from staff, then it makes sense that their wellbeing must be a priority. So as much as corporate workwear should reflect a positive and professional image of your business, it’s a good idea to make sure that the clothing you choose to dress employees in is also practical.

What makes a wardrobe versatile?

Versatility in corporate clothing breeds comfort, because it makes employees feel like they have a choice in their personal sense of style, while still adhering to your company’s overall brand identity. This means that employees will be more confident in workwear clothing, which then leads to higher productivity levels.

Our catalogue boasts the latest in fashion trends from around the world, to always ensure that our customers receive the best look in terms of professionalism and style. The versatility factor in our range is quite wide:

  • Corporate uniforms that have multiple interchangeable items of clothing. A clothing item is considered to be interchangeable when it can be worn with a number of other complementary items. Having only one combination of a uniform is much too limited, and is in no way versatile.
  • Colour palettes for corporate workwear are kept as neutral as possible, so that employees have more freedom when it comes to mixing and matching.
  • Designs that accommodate seasonal changes will end up saving the business money, and will also ensure that employees reflect the professional image of the workplace come rain or shine.

A few ways in which versatility can be achieved, includes:

  • Formal:

For men – Give them the option of open-neck shirts without a tie in summer, and closed collars with a tie in winter. Full suits with jackets as workwear clothing are stylish and practical in colder months, while shirts without jackets can be worn when it gets warmer.

For women – The option between relaxed slacks and pencil skirts can do wonders for a woman’s morale at work. Some women don’t do skirts, and knowing that they are just as much a team player in company-approved pants will make them feel good about their corporate workwear.

  • Semi-formal/Casual:

Golfers are suitable for women and men’s they have collars and a tailored cut can have a pleasing and professional-looking effect. These t-shirts can be worn with jeans or relaxed pants, which again gives employees the freedom to adopt personal taste in their workwear clothing.

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