Sophisticated Workwear Clothing In Summer

While you should steer clear of flip-flops, shorts, tank tops and scented sunscreens, there are some more sophisticated ways to add a summery feel to your Corporate Clothing.
Brighter colours and lighter fabrics , like poly cotton and light knits , bring both men and women comfortably into the season.  Look to your Corporate  Uniform suppliers  for help.
Gina@work has stunning transitional pieces in the range with blouses and shirts available in different sleeve lengths. Even sleeveless tops are appropriate in the office – if you have the figure to pull it off. Those with tattoos should be mindful of the message they send, so anything vulgar should stay out of sight!!


If you do dare to bare, it’s smart to keep a cardigan or jacket on hand for client meetings or blasting air conditioning. Your Workwear clothing should be conservative with hemlines to the knee- You want to show style , not too much skin. For the guys, a smart t-shirt under a blazer is a cool,relaxed look for a man in a creative field.
Working trends into your Workwear clothing shows you are the current styles but keep it subtle. A statement necklace or bracelet helps pull everything together plus a lighter toned bag will instantly lift your Corporate  uniform.


Footwear also makes a statement  – in most fields, open-toed shoes are acceptable , as long as your feet are clean and manicured, and this season chunky heels and wedges are huge. A bold lipstick and vibrant nail polish will also add personality and style to your Workwear clothing.
Whatever it is you decide to wear , make sure it is comfortable. In the office confidence is everything…..

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