Workwear and Safety

At Gina we know that workwear clothing is necessary if you wish to create a sense of brand identity within your business. We also understand that corporate wear should be fitting for the type of industry you find yourself in without losing your sense of brand personality.

Many businesses in industries that involve a certain degree of risk to employees find it difficult to translate their brand vision in this way. This is because of certain safety measures that need to be taken in the working environment. However, corporate clothing suppliers like Gina have come a long way in the availability of uniforms that enhance brand identity, while also providing safety for employees. Our team of experts are ready and able to achieve your vision without neglecting your safety.

The importance of corporate uniforms in business:

  • Your brand is easily recognizable because it is always visible
  • Your business is set apart in a competitive market
  • Company culture is enhanced by increased levels of loyalty and productivity from staff
  • Added advertising of your business at no extra cost

Important considerations for bringing safety to workwear clothing:

  • For industries where hard-hats are required, you can have them branded with your company logo and in colours that compliment your brand palette.
  • Safety gear like gloves and jackets can be branded and matched to your brand colour palette.
  • Where freedom of movement is important, opting for corporate uniforms that have a loose tailored cut is a good idea.
  • Wherever possible, choose fabrics that are durable and long-lasting. Clothing in extreme conditions are less likely to rip, and you will save money on items that last longer despite being worn often and in trying conditions than having to replace corporate uniforms every other week.
  • Should your employees work in the sun for long periods of time, have their uniforms be made up of light, breathable fabrics. This will help them to keep cool, and will therefore avoid their bodies becoming overheated while working in the sun.

Taking steps to ensure the safety of your employees through the clothes they wear will not only benefit them, but also the business as a whole. Employees who are cared for and healthy, are much more productive. This kind of productivity will directly influence the company’s return on investment.

As one of the leading workwear suppliers in South Africa, Gina understands how important it is to provide businesses with types of clothing that provide safety for their employees. It is for this reason that you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. As a brand, you will be able to present to the public in a manner that is fashionable and professional without putting your employees at risk.

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  • Lara Portelli
    August 3, 2023 4:15 pm

    Please send us a catalouge for workwear
    Work softshell jackets
    Cargo pants
    Golf shirt
    Button up shirt L/Sleev and S/Sleeve
    Reflector vests
    body warmers

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