What’s Trending In Corporate Workwear 2017

Whilst corporate workwear should reflect current fashion trends in order to stay relevant, it is important that this is always balanced with functional work wear requirements. That is why we work tirelessly to ensure we provide relevant, up to date styles, manufactured with the best technology has to offer to ensure practical comfort and fit.

Globally we are seeing a shift in corporate uniforms taking on a more casual, relaxed look and feel. One could say that corporate clothing Johannesburg – or corporate clothing South Africa – is slightly behind this global trend. The important thing to realize is that your corporate identity can be fashionable, whilst still enhancing your brand philosophy and company culture in a professional manner. We at Gina@work keep abreast of the latest fashion trends to provide our customers with the best the industry has to offer. We spend a lot of time evaluating these trends and determining which trends are applicable in the workplace and how we can make these trends work with workwear functional requirements.

Essentials for office clothing this year:

Comfort is the name of the game in 2017, and this comes through in some of the below classics on our list.

  • The Lacoste shirt: A long-standing staple in corporate clothing South Africa, the golf neck t-shirt provides a comfortable fit in breathable fabric. Easy to brand and easily styled with jeans or relaxed chino’s, this must-have item works well in a variety of sectors—from corporate to manufacturing to merchandising
  • Open-neck dress shirts for women: In light cotton for summer, and heavier fabric for winter, these shirts are making a comeback thanks to their versatility. Tailored to fit all shapes and sizes, a company can keep much the same look all year round without breaking the bank, because the dress shirt can be bought in both short and long sleeve versions. They can also be teamed with smart pants suits, or standard pencil skirts, so ladies can express their personal sense of style while still keeping to corporate workwear
  • Relaxed slacks for men, pencil skirts for women: The days of stiff, uncomfortable corporate uniforms are long gone, and even though pants and pencil skirts are classics in the workwear clothing game, this year sees a shift to light, breathable fabrics in neutral colours.
  • Minimalistic colour palettes: In years gone by, it was acceptable to see employees dressed in bright reds, purples, and even shocking greens if they were reflective of brand identity colours. These days’ businesses are cognisant of the psychology behind colours, and are opting for softer, more neutral tones, like grey, white, sand, and navy. When distinctive colours are necessary, opting for softer, pastel versions as an alternative is acceptable.

At Gina we make use of cutting-edge nanotechnology for our fabrics – making them light, breathable, and easy to care for. When an employee feels confident and comfortable in what they’re wearing, it cultivates not only a strong sense of culture within the company, but also presents a positive brand image to all who come into contact with it.

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