Developing your own workwear wardrobe

Did you know that you can develop your own working wardrobe, with a collection of workwear clothing that will wow your employees, and impress your colleagues and customers?

You don’t need your company to provide you with workwear clothing. You can develop a workwear clothing collection that minimizes your spend and number of garments purchased, but maximises the number of outfits you can create from unique and coordinated combinations. In fact, creating a unique go-to workwear range of garments is a growing trend among busy professionals who want to save time in the mornings, yet always look good. Opting for staples, such as black pants, a classic jacket and a crisp white shirt will be a great start in forming the foundation of a workwear clothing wardrobe.

Some tips on what to look out for in creating your own work uniform:

  • Choose classic cuts that compliment your body shape
  • Opt for high quality staples
  • Ensure your colour platform is neutral, and add a splash of colour through accessories
  • Remember comfort, and functionality
  • Embrace layers for variety
  • Mix and match
  • Select items that not only make you look good, but make you feel good too


Making an existing uniform your own

For those who do have formal workwear clothing, there are various ways in which you can still put your personal style stamp onto your ‘look’.
Gina@work has a state of the art in-house manufacturing facility that enables us to create uniform collections that look co-ordinated, yet also enable staff to express their personal style preferences through a range that is tailored to meet a number of different tastes, preferences and body shapes. This is what makes Gina@work one of the leading uniform suppliers in South Africa.

Here are a few ways you could customise your uniform to suit your personal style:

  • Invest in a variety of shoes to create different looks
  • Accessorise with jewellery and handbags
  • Add a splash of colour with accessories or make up
  • Style with belts, scarves and ties


Something for employers

One of the most important thing about workwear clothing, is that it presents a unified image to customers. This coordinated look ensures that staff are easily identifiable when servicing their clients.

It is vital that uniforms elevate your company’s brand image, but at the same time make your staff look and feel good too. Professional image is key, but so is the functionality of your uniform and ensuring your workwear clothing is well suited to the demands of your job.

Gina@ work is one of the leading uniform suppliers within South Africa, and prides itself on its state of the art manufacturing facility. Not only does this enable us to develop scale of uniform production, but also gives us tight control on quality and a variety of co-ordinated workwear clothing collections that combine to make your staff look great!

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