Types Of Uniforms For Different Industries

Over the years, corporate uniforms have become a standard modus operandi. Aside from brand awareness and a sense of uniformity, work clothes in South Africa have come to be associated with specific service industries who want to look professional at all times. So, prevalent is workwear clothing, that people can identify the industry in which the employee works by simply looking at their attire. For example, you can easily pick out a nurse, air hostess, and hotel concierge by simply looking at their clothes – whether or not those clothes are branded, they all have specific functional requirements that have led the design choice for their specific industry needs.

It is with this in mind that Gina has set forth to become a leader in the manufacture and design of work uniforms, incorporating industry specific standards when deciding on corporate clothing. Some industries depend more heavily on corporate clothing than others, like healthcare, construction, and aviation – each having their own priorities of functionality, practicality and quality.

Let’s consider important characteristics of uniforms in major industries…

  • Healthcare: Nurses work long hours and need to move around a lot. They work in hospitals that need to remain hygienic and clinical. For this reason, corporate workwear in this industry is usually a practical colour – for example navy. Although globally the industry uses white, our local industry prefer to veer away from white, given the need for cleanliness of the colour. Gina’s cutting edge technology in manufacturing uses fabrics that are light, breathable and durable, to enhance comfort and ease-of-movement. Materials used must be easy to care for, since the environment is conducive to stains and nurses need uniforms that are durable and long lasting.
  • Construction: Working in construction bears many physical risks. Workwear clothing should be durable so as to withstand challenging conditions. Oftentimes, the construction industry pairs branded t-shirts or dress shirts of heavy cotton with a pair of jeans. They also often use overalls that are heavy duty and hard wearing. The idea is to be professional, yet practical for the type of environment in which you are working. Although this does fall within the uniform industry, this is not typically a market Gina supplies uniforms to.
  • Aviation: Air hostesses and airline pilots can be picked out of a crowd with ease. This is because their corporate workwear has a signature profile look. Colours change according to branding, but the clean, tailored lines, light fabric, and professional finish are unmistakable of the industry they represent. People in this industry work long hours, and so require corporate uniforms that are comfortable and practical. Compared to the healthcare and construction industries, these uniforms are a lot more formal as well. Gina keeps abreast with changing fashion trends to ensure our customers always look stylish and professional. Add this to our high quality manufacturing, and you have yourself a winning combination.

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