Of course! They are undoubtedly, single-handedly the single most driving force behind your brand. If your staff does not completely live and breathe your brand promise, you are in trouble! Your staff IS the face your brand! And every interaction your staff has with the outside world is a customer interaction with your brand!

So if they are so important, why do we as marketers, so often “neglect them”. We don’t, in fact at Gina’s, we place significant importance on driving our brand amongst our staff. We educate, we fine-tune, and we entrench what our brand stands for in their minds so that it becomes part of their every day, part of their makeup and ultimately part of the Gina brand.

The Gina brand is positioned on service excellence and care, and we salute our staff who stand for these special qualities. We invest heavily in campaigns that re-enforce this brand message in their workspace, so that everywhere they look, they are reminded about what makes the Gina brand unique. We hang bunting (more commonly known as flags) all over their workspaces, we send them emails and SMSes, and we place tent cards on their desks that are daily reminders of the qualities Ginas represents. Everywhere you look in our building, you are reminded of these unique brand qualities. And we reward staff who actively show us that they are playing a true brand ambassadorship role through displaying these qualities in their work.

Internal campaigns are an amazing staff motivator as well. We can almost feel the vibe in the room when we launch a new campaign and it’s unbelievably rewarding when we hear our staff referring to their brand qualities in interactions with their co-workers, suppliers, and customers. Gina@work has always had a family type vibe and this is enriched when we see the energy our staff feels around the launch of new campaigns.

We are well known for our internal campaigns eternally too. Our new campaign includes inspiringly profound quotes on what service excellence actually means and we have even had customers and suppliers taking photos of them to take back to their teams. There is no greater compliment!

Our staff is our brand!

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