Reinventing Your Brand with Corporate Uniforms

Corporate uniforms no longer have to be seen as a boring purchase in the pursuit of professionalism. Those days are long gone, and at Gina we make it our business to keep abreast of evolving fashion trends to ensure our customers are always stylish as well as professional.

Employees are usually the first point of contact between the public and your product or service, and with first impressions being what they are, more and more businesses have caught on to the idea of using clothing to assert their competitive edge. Workwear clothing is now used as an extension of a company’s brand and as such, businesses are opting for stylish solutions to reinvent their brand identity.

How corporate workwear builds your brand:

  • Brand recognition:

Employees wearing corporate uniforms to and from work, out to lunch, at work events in public places, act as walking advertisements. The frequency with which your brand is made visible helps to subtly entrench a sense of familiarity that often translates to people choosing your brand above others without knowing why.

  • Corporate identity:

Uniformity cultivates a sense of belonging among employees, and this helps to encourage a unique identity that becomes apparent to people at a glance. An increased amount of teamwork and positivity is something that will be evident when dealing with the public, and will create a positive image for your business.

  • Free advertising:

The purchasing of workwear clothing is a once-off expense and yet, this kind of brand promotion is one that will keep on going for as long as the clothes are being worn.

Companies often launch major changes within the business by bringing about changes to their corporate uniforms. This might be in the form of new colour palettes, a new logo, or even slogans that reflect a limited marketing campaign. The effect that this has is two-fold:

  • The public gets an instant idea that something new is happening with your brand, which automatically creates an interest. Your reach is larger than targeted campaigns, like slots for TV or radio that only appear on specific channels at specific times.
  • Your employees feel more valued as part of the bigger picture, which cultivates a strong sense of unity. This makes it seem as if your business works and acts as one unified unit, sharing a common goal, and comes across as remarkably professional.

Using corporate workwear is easily one of the most cost-effective ways to reinvent your brand, as it accomplishes so much more, and in a shorter period of time, than other forms of traditional marketing would. We will work closely with you to ensure your vision is achieved with corporate wear of the highest quality, manufactured with great care and style.

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