Ready For The Fall, Consider Tones For Autumn/Winter!!

The colours we wear simultaneously reflect the season and help define it; they change moods and shape looks.

Looking ahead means considering which tones to invest in for the Autumn/Winter of next year. If you want to be the first to know which colours and textures  to wear for Autumn 2015 keep reading.


Embrace an earthy bohemian edge with sheepskin, felt and chunky knits. Choose a faux fur bag to match the look.

Colours range from warm and earthy browns complemented with tones inspired by fur – with camel and bronze right through to powerful industrial and stormy greys.

Yarns reveal furry looks as well as bronzed, matt, metallic and bonded surfaces. Brushing, felting and luxuriously dense yarns are key.


Folk Revival – Winter’s boho trend is all about texture and layering. A quick tip is to use a simple gilet to get the look right, fast.

A rich native spirit of oranges and wild reds through to oxblood flow through earth toned rusts, coppers and browns lift your spirits and make the statement.

Hairy surfaces, textured fabrics with irregular effects, marls and melanges are important features of this look this season.


High shine details and “touch me” textures define the look. Metallic trainers and embellished leathers make this a look to lust after.

Yellows as highlights mix with Greens and softer hues, moving towards uplifting tones of warm winter sun.

Fabrics glow and hold a subtle sheen – metallised surfaces are reactive, glossy, fluid and drapey.


Try the relaxed chic with simple silhouettes – Loosely draped garments with a modern, feminine vibe.

Warm yellowed neutrals are tinted with browns, pinks and a hint of purple that all reflect the purity of basic winter white.

Fabrics reflect a sense of translucency. Peached finishes allow for a beautiful drape and a fluid flow of fabric.

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