Promoting Your Company Through Corporate Workwear

Never before has marketing your business been this easy, or this cost-effective! At Gina we provide corporate workwear that turns employees into walking billboards. This means that your company will be advertised during their commute to and from work every day, when they go on lunch, when they attend seminars or roadshows. Unlike methods of traditional marketing that involve large expenses every time a campaign is run, corporate uniforms require a once-off payment, and will continue to advertise your business for as long as they are worn.

We ensure that our customers are delivered a product of top quality, professionalism, and style. Our fabrics are manufactured overseas using nanotechnology that makes them light and breathable. They are also more resistant to stains, and won’t lose their shape over time. Gina’s solution is not only practical, but fashionable and professional too! Now you can use corporate clothing to market your company and trust that your brand is being served well.

Since a company’s staff component is likely made up of people from varying backgrounds, as well as different area codes, the reach a promotion through corporate workwear can achieve is as wide as geographical area your employees cover on a daily basis. The benefits of this are clear…

  • You reach more people than you would through traditional marketing methods. An ad flighting on radio or TV will only reach the people tuned in to that specific channel at a specific time. Many times, people don’t watch ads, or are focused on something else while driving, so they miss your spot on the radio. Added to that is the cost of running multiple ads in multiple time slots to ensure enough people hear or see it. In contrast, employees as walking billboards come free of charge and do a better job of reaching people in a meaningful way.
  • Brand recognition and familiarity is enhanced with constant visibility over long periods of time.
  • You can align the design of workwear clothing with existing advertising strategies so that it serves to entrench your message to the general public in a subtle way
  • People don’t realize they are being marketed to, and so internalize the visual of your brand without even knowing it.
  • Promotion costs you nothing other than the expense of the corporate uniforms in the first place.

A new trend that has been growing over the last few years, involves businesses manufacturing additional branded workwear clothing to give as gifts to clients or potential clients. Clothing items as gifts work well to promote your business because it is seen as something of value. People feel that your business values their interest in the brand, and is willing to pay for it in the form of what is regarded as expensive clothing items.

If you take this route, you will then not only have your employees marketing your business, but members of the general public as well. If influencers in your industry are seen wearing your branded corporate workwear, this acts as an automatic endorsement for you, and can translate into greater returns on investment. We work closely with our customers to achieve their vision, because we understand the importance of brand, and how vital it is to present a professional image at all times.

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