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Health Tech Scrubs: Stylish Scrubs in enhanced Nextgen performance fabric with Antimicrobial finish.

Healthcare Essentials: Smart Scrubs with Contrast Trim Tunics – Easy Care, Easy Wear.

Healthcare Fashion Heroes: Fashion Forward Scrubs in Flexi Form fabric with stretch. Inspired style. Slimmer fit.

Healthcare Basic Scrubs: Back to Basics with Simple scrub tunics and pants.

Scrubs for Women

We have women’s scrubs for different medical professionals such as nurses, doctors, surgeons, therapists, dentists, and beauticians. These include women’s tunics, scrub pants, and jackets in a variety of colours for you to choose from. 

Our ladies’ scrubs are styled with a comfortable v-neck and have a more relaxed fit in crisp, cool polycotton – a truly functional scrub that ticks all the boxes. Our scrubs for women are designed to make you look the part and feel the part. There’s nothing better than rocking (embracing) your uniform with a proud stance to represent your workforce or brand.

Importance of Scrub Uniforms

Women’s scrubs are quite an important part of uniforms for medical and healthcare professionals. They represent and help with:

  • Professionalism 
  • healthcare etiquette
  • Branding and messaging 
  • Easily identifying employees and staff members

FAQ About Women’s Scrubs

Why do women wear scrubs?

Scrubs can be defined as uniforms for medical and healthcare professionals like nurses, doctors, and beauticians. Therefore, women wear scrubs to look professional in the workplace and also represent the brand or company they are working for. 

What are the different types of women’s scrubs?

Scrubs you can find for ladies in healthcare professions are formal, yet still comfortable. These form part of staff uniforms and help them maintain a professional look on the job and make sure they’re ready at all times to take care of any emergency situation that may arise.

Types of Women’s Scrub Uniforms:

How should women’s scrubs fit?

Well-designed scrubs are supposed to fit loose enough for easy movement but also be tight enough for employees to look professional. They should be comfortable to wear all day as most healthcare workers work long shifts and need uniforms that are adjustable or flexible.

Can I customise women’s scrubs?

Yes,  we offer branded or custom ladies’ scrubs for those who want a one-of-a-kind look. Simply contact us with your specifications and we’ll be happy to create a custom order just for you. No matter what you’re looking for, Gina@Work is your scrub destination!

Where to buy scrubs for women near me?

Shop our wide range of women’s scrub uniforms for sale in different colours and sizes to keep you looking fit for the job at all times. Get a quote or contact us today and create your branded uniforms.