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Health Tech Scrubs: Stylish Scrubs in enhanced Nextgen performance fabric with Antimicrobial finish.

Healthcare Essentials: Smart Scrubs with Contrast Trim Tunics – Easy Care, Easy Wear.

Healthcare Fashion Heroes: Fashion Forward Scrubs in Flexi Form fabric with stretch. Inspired style. Slimmer fit.

Healthcare Basic Scrubs: Back to Basics with Simple scrub tunics and pants.

Medical Uniforms for Men

Men’s medical uniforms come in a wide variety of colours and styles suited to many different medical professions.

Many healthcare professionals wear a uniform or special clothing to help identify them in a clinic or hospital setting. You may be looking for a uniform for a nurse, doctor, surgeon, therapist, dentist, dental hygienist, vet, or clinical laboratory technician.

Shop Men’s Medical Clothing 

Men’s medical uniforms include jackets, pants, scrubs, shirts, and tunics. Good quality healthcare clothing will ensure that medical personnel looks professional, while at the same time ensuring they are dressed in practical clothing that suits their jobs.

How to choose medical uniforms for men?

Clothing should be comfortable and durable. Range of motion is very important in most medical professions – a doctor, nurse, dentist, or therapist needs to be able to move around a patient easily and freely. Their clothing shouldn’t interfere with their examination of a patient or irritate them while they are performing their job.

Men’s healthcare clothing should also be durable, easy to keep clean, and easy to maintain. Look for a polyester or polyester-cotton blend that cleans easily and is crease-resistant.

When selecting colours for your medical clothing, consider darker colours which tend to wear well. But ensure clothing is fade-resistant, so they still look good after many washes.

How much do men’s healthcare uniforms cost?

Our men’s healthcare uniforms range is well-priced and isn’t hefty. Alternatively, if you are looking for custom clothing designed around your specific needs, Gina@work are experts in tailor-made clothing. We will send an expert designer to assess your needs and design an outfit specifically for you.

Where to buy men’s medical uniforms online?

Gina@work has a range of men’s medical uniforms available for sale online. You can select ready-made tops, tunics, scrubs, and pants. Alternatively, contact us to have a custom uniform made to your exact specifications. Select the fabric style and colour of your choice and choose a style that suits your brand.