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Healthcare Essentials: Smart Scrubs with Contrast Trim Tunics – Easy Care, Easy Wear.

Healthcare Fashion Heroes: Fashion Forward Scrubs in Flexi Form fabric with stretch. Inspired style. Slimmer fit.

Healthcare Basic Scrubs: Back to Basics with Simple scrub tunics and pants.

 Women’s Medical Uniforms

Women’s medical uniforms help to establish a professional image for all healthcare workers. In fact, you’ll find that some form of medical clothing is worn in almost every branch of healthcare – from nurses’ uniforms in the hospital to medical scrubs worn by surgeons, veterinarians, and EMTs, to healthcare tunics worn by occupational and physical therapists.

Women’s medical clothing should be well designed to not only look good but also help employees feel comfortable throughout their shifts.

Shop Medical Clothing for Women in South Africa

Uniforms for medical professionals include nurses’ uniforms, scrubs, lab coats, and tunic tops and pants. Modern medical professionals have been moving away from plain scrub tops to embrace colourful and patterned tops, as well as tunic tops and medical shirts.

When selecting a medical uniform, consider both fashion and functionality. Functional uniforms include details like pockets, which are very useful for keeping pens, rings, and other personal items safe.

There’s no need to settle for dull colours when selecting a medical uniform. Clothing can be designed in any colour you want, so you can match your clothing colours to your brand or select something bright and bold, so your employees stand out from the crowd.

How to choose medical uniforms for women?

When buying women’s medical clothing, be sure to consider how easy it is to clean. Medical clothing like scrubs should always be washed at a high temperature to eliminate bacteria. For this reason, the clothing needs to be made out of materials that can withstand a hot wash.

How much do women’s medical uniforms cost?

Our women’s medical uniforms range is well-priced and isn’t hefty. Alternatively, if you are looking for custom clothing designed around your specific needs, Gina@work are expert in tailor-made clothing. We will send an expert designer to assess your needs and design an outfit specifically for you.

Where to buy women’s medical uniforms?

Gina@work has a range of women’s medical clothes for sale. We offer a range of ready-made clothing items that can be purchased online including medical scrubs, tunic tops, pants, and medical shirts.