Must-have Corporate Clothing Items In 2017

With global trends shifting towards a more casual look, at Gina we understand that corporate wear South Africa adopts a more conservative perspective. However, our team of industry experts have just the skills to achieve the best of both worlds for our customers – a look that speaks to timeless style and comfort, professionalism, and incorporates a hint of fashion for staff.

Corporate workwear requires a balancing act between ensuring styles stay up to date and fashionably relevant, yet at the same time, classically stylish and functionally practical. When we talk about fashionably relevant, careful consideration must be taken in selecting fashions that can be applied to workwear clothing in a manner which is timeless. So we agree that work clothes in South Africa should exude style and professionalism. Now let’s take a closer look at how your business can achieve this with Gina, while still keeping up with the latest trends this year…

  • Dress shirts:

For women – Dress shirts can be made up in any colour of your choosing, and in a fabric suited to the season for maximum comfort and ease of movement. Collared shirts are stylish and tasteful, and really bring a professional feel to any work environment. Costs are saved for summer and winter corporate uniforms, as these can be ordered in long- or short-sleeves without having to make any major design changes. They can also be teamed with stylish winter warmers, to create a warm, cosy effect.

For men – Dress shirts are versatile in much the same way as they are for women. A wide range of choice exists regarding colour, fabric, as well as long- or short-sleeves depending on the season. Collared shirts can make up the corporate workwear in summer, as they make the absence of a tie still look professional and neat.

  • Lacoste golf shirts:

These are great for men and women who work in a less formal sector, but still need to present a professional, unified image. They can be worn tucked in to relaxed pants. The versatility of this age-old staple is what makes it a must-have. It never goes out of style, can be made to look formal or casual, and can be made with different fabrics depending on the season. Light cotton in softer colours are perfect for summer workwear clothing, while heavier fabrics in darker shades are best suited for winter wear.

  • Relaxed pants, chinos, and pencil skirts:

For men – Chino’s are perceived as more of a casual item of clothing, but can pass as corporate workwear by simply teaming them with a stylish dress shirt, or golf shirt

For women – The pencil skirt is another timeless classic, and since it never goes out of style, it has made the list as a must-have when it comes to work clothes in South Africa.

We make use of cutting-edge technology that uses fabric that is light, breathable and durable. At Gina, we ensure your corporate clothing is durable, easy to clean, and holds its shape over time. Basically, we strive to provide you with the highest quality product, manufactured with care and style.

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