How to Make Corporate Uniforms Work for You

At Gina we understand that incorporating a uniform dress code is one of the best moves you can make for your business. In fact, work clothes in South Africa has grown to be somewhat of a standard. There are many reasons for this, and they go beyond presenting a good image of your company by having everyone look the same.

Let’s consider how corporate uniforms can benefit your employees…

  • It creates a sense of belonging among employees, and this in turn cultivates a strong culture of loyalty to the brand.
  • Employees feel valued and as a result, productivity increases.
  • Workwear clothing encourages an attitude of professionalism, as employees feel they have to act as ambassadors to the brand.
  • A culture of teamwork is born, and this breeds an environment of motivation between employees.

The impact of corporate workwear on employees is undeniable, and therefore a worthy consideration for any company looking to get the most from its human resources. The advantages don’t stop there, however, because corporate uniforms serve the business overall in the following ways:

  • It creates a good first impression with new clients and the public in general, showing your company as a cohesive and professional entity.
  • It aids brand recognition, because people see it all the time.
  • It saves on marketing costs, because unlike traditional marketing campaigns, your company is advertised any time your corporate uniforms are worn.

Now that you know what the benefits of work clothes in South Africa are, you can take the next step, and make the culture of corporate uniforms work for you. Things you can consider in this respect include:

  • Ensure that your choice of workwear clothing reflects your brand identity. This does not only apply to things like logos and colours, but the overall personality of your brand as well. You won’t expect to find your gym instructor in a three-piece suit, will you?
  • Think about how you can save on marketing costs by having your corporate uniforms act as an extension of your existing advertising strategy. The clothing is a once-off payment for a return that keeps on giving, as they are seen as often as they are worn, and therefore have a much higher rate of recognition.
  • Take your employees and the type of work they do into account. You want your staff to feel comfortable and confident in corporate workwear, without having it affect the way they do their jobs. In fact, considering different types of fabrics and designs can actually help employees be more productive.

If in doubt, our team at Gina will be happy to work with you, using our expertise in the industry to help you achieve your vision. We incorporate the latest in fashion trends as well as technology to ensure we provide a product that not only looks good, but works well too. Our clothes are of the highest quality – stain resistant, light, and breathable. You take care of the vision, and Gina will take care to make it happen.

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