Lessons in fashion from Gina@works traveling blogger

We travel the globe to make sure that we keep up with the latest fashion trends, so that we can apply touches of it to our corporate wear solutions.

London fashion week special – if you want to know what’s in fashion this summer then read on!

  • 3D florals – Floral prints are so prevalent they threaten to engulf the wearers. Embrace the herbaceous border on your dress and be right on trend!
  • The mullet dress – Party at the front, business at the back! Dresses long from behind but short face-on, offer the best of all possible worlds.
  • The bomber jacket – Yes it’s a 90′s thing and its back!!
  • Pleats, wraps and folds – sunray and sunburst pleats for skirts and ruching and tucking for dresses and tops.
  • Fondant fancies- Fondant colour is back and its brighter than ever undercut by neutral shades from sludgy mustard to beige.
  • Monochrome – Is there ever a season when black and white isn’t fashionable ? No there isn’t……a bright and breezy summer palette was punctuated with these stylish shades.
  • The new flats- Adidas, Gazelles, paper flat ankle boots all mean that shoes you can run in will be the height of fashion six months from now.

And the most fashionable must see movie of the year is Woody Allens “blue jasmine” – check out Cate Blanchett’s wardrobe – the Chanel jacket . The Louis Vuitton luggage and the Hermes Birkin bag…

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