Tips On How To Be Professionally Fashionable

As corporate clothing suppliers go, at Gina we move with the trends to provide businesses with stylish options when it comes to corporate uniforms. No more does a professional image equate to constant discomfort when it comes to work clothes in South Africa. We work closely with our customers to ensure they look and feel good – delivering our best work with the utmost care.

When considering corporate workwear, you should take note of the following:

  • How workwear clothing will enhance your brand style
  • What you wish to achieve with corporate uniforms
  • What styles are best suited to the industry you work in
  • How you can use corporate workwear to promote your brand

At Gina we understand that you can use uniforms as an extension of your brand—incorporating colours, and the overall personality of your business culture to create a corporate look. It all comes together in the image you end up presenting to the public. You want to be seen in a positive and professional light. However, it is just as important to keep up with changing trends so that your business can be perceived as progressive and in line with the current trends. Our catalogue combines the latest in fashion with classic professionalism, so our customers always look and feel good.

The challenge for most businesses comes when they have to combine being professional with being stylish, since for many years, work clothes in South Africa has cultivated the belief that professional and stylish are mutually exclusive characteristics that cannot be achieved simultaneously.

Important tips on style:

  • Be careful with colours. It is more fashionable in a timeless classic sense to use colours that are softer, or altogether neutral.
  • Make sure that the fit of workwear clothing is flattering for all shapes and sizes. The idea is to have employees feel confident in what they’re wearing. Corporate uniforms that are too tight make for an uncomfortable work experience, and if they are too loose-fitting, the result is a sloppy image that doesn’t serve a professional, clean-cut presentation.
  • Opt for corporate workwear that is suited to the industry you are in.
    A three-piece-suit looks very professional, and so does a dress shirt with a tie. However, a construction worker in any of these outfits will not only seem terribly out of place, but will have a very hard time doing his job. Clothing should be practical and comfortable, and for a touch of professional style, a branded shirt – dress or other – will come across quite well.
  • Branding of corporate uniforms that is tasteful and minimal works well as a fashionably professional look.

Let our team help you find the perfect fit – both literally and figuratively – for you! Working with us will ensure your vision is carried out to best reflect your individual brand personality, while taking care to present your corporate clothing with professionalism and style.

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