Off The Shelf Bespoke Healthcare Uniforms

Nurses other medical professionals at hospitals all need to feel comfortable at work, while still maintaining a professional image.

Not so long ago, nurses wore starched white dresses with small white caps – a very recognisable, but not very practical uniform. Today, nurses, doctors, medical techs, therapists, and other hospital workers all wear medical clothing like scrubs to help keep them comfortable, without inhibiting their range of motion.

Nursing uniforms

Today’s nursing uniforms often take the form of scrubs, or alternatively, professional looking tunic and pant combinations. Uniforms come in a range of colours and styles, with soothing blues and greens being favourite colours amongst many employers.

Well designed nursing uniforms have a number of advantages. First of all, they are comfortable and easy to wear all day.

When nurses are exposed to contaminants like bodily fluids, these can easily be noticed on the scrubs, so it’s easy to see when clothes are dirty and need to be changed.

Nursing uniforms are also designed to withstand thorough washing and cleaning. The fabrics used to create the uniforms are durable and can be washed at high temperatures. The sturdy construction ensures that the uniform will not fall apart after a thorough cleaning.

Certain types of hospital uniforms, especially nursing and doctor scrubs are relatively inexpensive, so they can be disposed of if they cannot be cleaned effectively.

Uniforms for healthcare workers also help to create a professional look amongst employees in a hospital or clinic. A uniform helps patients to easily identify members of staff, which is a great help in a hospital setting where patients may be anxious or worried, and a sense of order can help to put patients at rest.

A uniform also ensures that a nurse’s real clothing isn’t ruined in the line of duty. Staff members can relax in the knowledge that if their clothing gets dirty it is a uniform and not a personal piece of clothing.

Doctor uniforms

Doctors are most often seen wearing their own clothing covered by the famous white doctor’s coat, but during surgeries, doctors wear scrubs. In fact the name ‘scrubs’ derives from the term ‘scrubbing in’, which is the procedure doctors perform before entering the operating theatre to make sure they are clean and sterilised.

Doctors generally wear green or blue scrubs during operations, although there are a range of colour choices available.

Scrubs were originally white, but green and blue became more popular colours in the early twentieth century. It seems blues and greens can be easier on the eyes than bright white clothing. Green could even possibly help doctors see better in the operating room because green is the opposite of red on the colour wheel, and can therefore help refresh the eyes of a doctor who’s been staring at red innards of a patient for an extended length of time.

Just as with nurses, a doctor’s scrubs need to be comfortable and easy to manoeuvre in. As a doctor is often in surgery for an extended period of time, the scrubs can’t irritate the surgeon, or become increasingly uncomfortable as time goes on.

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