Health Care Face Masks to Beat Coronavirus

Health Care Face Masks to Beat Coronavirus

We are all in this together but you can have a little fun and make a fashion statement in your mask from Gina@work.

 Match your mask and make a fun fashion move!

Wearing a face mask is compulsory in South Africa and you can buy the coolest masks right here, so support local and rock a face mask that can make a fashion statement. Now you can match your corporate uniform, casual outfit or gym gear. Masks will be mandatory, certainly for the foreseeable future, and now the fashion world is ensuring they become a trendy feature.

Best Face Masks to Buy

Where can I buy healthcare face masks? 

Gina@work has a wide variety of options for the general public and for healthcare workers (who have different requirements). Keep an eye on our Facebook page for exciting styles and colours and are washable. We supply:

  • Reusable reversible fabric masks in four colours with double tie backs.
  • Or trimmed fabric masks in 16 different colourways also with double tie backs.
  • Cone shaped K95 masks and washable masks with a re-usable filter – these are for the frontline hero’s, they need them the most – and manufactured to approved healthcare standards.

Like all Gina products they were made with your comfort in mind. They are breathable, designed to fit properly and comfortable to wear. Cleaning and sanitising the masks should be easy enough at home. Wash and wear. No fuss!

How do I wear and look after my face mask?

Whichever you choose the guidelines are the same.


Wash your hands before applying, before removing and after removing the mask.

The objective of a fabric face mask is to act as a physical barrier between you and the world – If appropriately used and cleaned it can offer protection from droplet transmissions (coughing and sneezing) in overcrowded areas such as taxis, grocery stores or seeking healthcare.

You must wear masks to travel to and from work in public transport and when shopping for groceries or medical supplies. Everyone will need to wear a mask when you return to work and remember social distancing is still recommended.

Contact Gina@work today and follow us on Facebook to see our new face mask range.