Gina@Work Medical Scrubs Are Made To Work

Gina@Work Medical Scrubs Are Made To Work

Our mission is to empower the unsung, caring healthcare professionals in our hospitals with the uniforms they deserve.

When you show up to work, you show up to WORK. Blood, sweat and tears. Just another day at the office. Change is constant and flexibility is key. You need to be on top form to respond to a crisis at a moment’s notice.

We know that scrubs are a must for Medical Professionals. Gina@work’s high performance collection puts on-trend colours and designs to work for you, never sacrificing style for comfort and fit. Gina@work classic scrubs are elevated basics designed for everyone and every shift.

There really is nothing like a Gina classic – comfortable and figure flattering, these medical scrubs will take you through your shift feeling good no matter how many twists and turns the day or night takes. The special coltex fabric is soft and breathable with advanced wrinkle and pilling resistance.

No Medical Professional should settle for anything less! Boxy uniforms without a hint of style can weigh your mood down and more than any other profession it is vital for our medical teams to feel confident and in control every day.

Some extra feel good tips:

  1. Our wardrobe experts recommend that you all wear compression socks to work with comfy shoes (Check out our Gina@work cooperate shoe range – contact us)
  2. Always have  a jacket on hand (Gina’s cosy fleeces or theatre jackets  ) – hospitals can be freezing at night.
  3. We also advise you to have enough scrub suits to cover your shift stretch i.e. 4 shifts = 4 sets of scrubs. Save your precious energy for work, not laundry.

Some heroes wear capes – our hero’s wear SCRUBS!

The Gina team believes that when you LOOK good you FEEL good and you DO good.

Where can I buy medical scrubs near me?

Take a look at our website for exciting options of scrubs for sale and hospital accessories such as caps and masks. You can shop online or contact us directly. Shop our women’s and men’s theatre scrubs here or contact us today.