Five Reasons Why You Should Be Doing It

Corporate wear South Africa has undergone a shift, from being an attractive option for businesses, to being a necessity if you want to succeed in a world which demands service excellence. This is because over the years, corporate uniforms have proven to be beneficial to a business in terms of boosting internal culture, as well as an extending and building on its current marketing strategy. Who would’ve thought? The clothing your employees wear could actually affect your profits! The significance can hardly be ignored, and so let’s take a closer look at five reasons why your business absolutely shouldn’t be without corporate workwear:

  1. Company culture: Employees feel valued as part of a team when given corporate uniforms, which create a strong sense of unity within a business. This cultivates a culture of motivation and productivity, as well as increases brand loyalty. As a result, businesses experience lower staff turnovers, and increased profits.
  2. Ongoing marketing: Corporate workwear is a once-off payment for a business, but continues to promote the brand for as long as the clothing is worn. This greatly reduces the costs of traditional marketing, and enhances the benefits of an integrated marketing campaign. Not only does it contribute towards a positive brand experience for customers, but it also builds brand equity, strengthening the brand in the eyes of the customer.
  3. Public perception: First impressions, as the saying goes, are long lasting. What better impression to give potential clients than of a company that is cohesive, professional, and progressive? Corporate uniforms help to carry the brand’s message to the public in a manner that is understated and professional.
  4. Brand recognition: Employees travel to and from work, and sometimes go out to lunch. If this happens while they are wearing corporate workwear, each staff member acts as a living, breathing billboard for your business! Having your brand frequently visible does wonders for brand awareness. So, the next time a person sees your brand in a store, or on TV, the chances of them gravitating towards your product or service because of familiarity are much greater.
  5. Competitive advantage: This last point is a consequence to all the aforementioned points when they are bundled together. Your business will have the upper hand when it comes to the public having to make a choice between you and another, far less recognizable, less professional brand.

So, whether your intention is to use workwear clothing to enhance awareness of your brand, to encourage a sense of unity and uniformity among employees, or to present a professional and positive image to the public, making the decision to wear corporate uniforms will automatically accomplish all of the above, and give your business a much sought-after competitive advantage no matter what industry you are in.

At Gina we have an expert team that works hard to carry out our customer’s vision. We strive to combine our cutting-edge technology and ethos of care and style with a corporate uniform solution that would best serve you. The idea is to enhance your professional look with style and quality – in terms of both product as well as service.

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