How to Correctly Choose a Corporate Uniform for Your Workforce

At Gina@work we understand that corporate workwear is so much more than merely how a company wishes its employees to be dressed. No matter what industry you are in, your staff are the first point of contact for your customers. The impression made during this initial point of contact is—as far as impressions go—a lasting and powerful one. This is why it is so important that corporate uniforms are considered as an important form of direct marketing.

We use the latest of technology in all our manufacturing, which makes our fabrics light and breathable, whilst always looking crisp and professional. It also means that corporate clothing from Gina will be easy to care for and durable, retaining its look and feel over many washes. This is our commitment to customers, and we’ve been living up to it for years, constantly striving to produce a garment of exceptional quality.

Another consideration is the way in which workwear clothing affects employees. Uniforms cultivate a sense of unity, culture and belonging, which in turn translates to more confidence and a greater sense of teamwork. Employees are also found to be more productive and loyal to their brand. When it comes to choosing corporate uniforms, it is important to remember that the benefit is as much for customers as it is to staff,

Important things to consider:

  • Company culture – Your employees’ dress code should be a mirror image of your corporate culture in every respect. Corporate workwear should enhance the company’s branding in terms of colouration, as well as style, making staff easily identifiable for your customers. For instance, uniforms for a gym franchise will contrast greatly from those worn at a bank.
  • Comfort and practicality – You want your employees to feel comfortable and confident in their uniforms. Staff are made up of many different shapes and sizes, and your choice of corporate uniforms should take this into account, making sure everyone feels proud and comfortable with how they look.
  • Keep it relevant – The idea is not to go overboard with current fashion trends, but to at least make sure that the style, colours, and fabrics being used are all relevant and somewhat reflective of fashion trends. Not only will this make employees feel more confident, but it will ensure that your customers see your company as progressive instead of behind-the-times.
  • Design – The main idea behind corporate uniforms is that they can be overtly branded. When looking at designs of shirts, jackets, caps, and the like, always think about what your logo will look like when embroidered on the garment.

Making the decision to incorporate workwear clothing as part of your brand identity is the right move in the right direction. Allowing Gina to join you on this most exciting journey? It’s the best move you could make.

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