Corporate Workwear for Women—So Much More Than a Uniform

Generally speaking, women love clothes, and they enjoy looking good in them. So, with the usual factors to consider when choosing corporate workwear—like how it reflects your brand identity, and how it suits your industry—you have to consider how your choice of workwear clothing will be perceived by the women in your staffing complement. At Gina we keep abreast of the latest fashion trends to ensure a product that is professional as well as stylish. And we help you look good too.

We’ll help you out and give you the main factors to look for that will create a win-win situation:

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Practicality
  • Professionalism
  • Unity

It really is as simple as that!

We know that work clothes in South Africa are mostly professional, with classic lines that speak to the generally conservative personality of the country. However, you can be fashionable without sacrificing the professional and stylish look. Gone are the days of women being forced to work long hours in corporate uniforms that are uncomfortable and unflattering. Our team will make sure that your staff not only looks good, but feels good too.

  • Comfort: Corporate workwear should not only reflect your brand identity, but equally as important, it should be functionally suited to the industry in which it will be worn. One would never put a healthcare worker in fitting outfits made of harsh fabrics. Nurses work long hours, and therefore require corporate uniforms that provide comfort. Fabrics should be light and breathable, and materials used should be easy to care for given that clothing worn in this environment is susceptible to heavy duty wear. The main point to be taken from this is that if an employee feels comfortable while at work, they will be more productive.
  • Style: That being said, style should not go entirely out the window, because as was determined at the start of this article – women like to look good. The trick is to find a balance in corporate workwear that serves both features equally well. For instance, opting for a professional look and then using a comfortable tailored cut in light fabrics is a surefire winner. You will achieve the fashionable image, while maintaining a level of comfort.
  • Practicality: As stated above, the type of work that must be done should inform the workwear clothing. It is practical to have nurses in comfortable attire made of light fabrics that are easy to care for. It is practical for air hostesses to have tailored lines that are not too fitting so they will remain comfortable for long shifts, but still look professional.

We always strive to work together with our customers to ensure they leave with a product that makes their staff look good and feel comfortable. Our fabrics are selected based on comfort, durability and flexibility. This gives you corporate wear that is light, breathable, and easy to care for. Your vision will be handled by our team with absolute care, to provide you with a uniform solution that is stylish as well as professional.


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