The Corporate Wear Story behind the scenes

The importance of CORPORATE UNIFORM has increased over the years as Companies recognise that their most valuable asset is their staff – and realise that it is important for  clients and customers to see and recognise how important that asset is by ensuring staff are clearly identifiable.

At  Gina@work we are often asked to create a corporate wardrobe that embraces the spirit and mirrors the individuality of work colleagues in a variety of very different organisations.

Sounds easy – Just come up with a range of clothes and let everyone get on with it.  Not So!!!

The first thing we recognise at Gina is that the teams we uniform are all made up of individuals with exceptional qualities some of whom have very strong opinions about themselves and how they project their personalities.

Clothes express one’s individuality, so how can we create a wardrobe that is going to allow for this on the one hand but portray uniformity on the other??

Everyone has their own special brand of clothes , their own idiosyncrasies, their favourite colours and their personal likes and dislikes …. some are avid followers of fashion and some are happy bystanders.

To be told what to wear ! This is close up and personal!!

We find our help in creating ranges from the staff themselves and through communication with Uniform Coordinators and Team leaders we get feedback from men, women, short, tall, mums to be, ethnic minorities, young and not so young… Everyone has an opinion.

We like to offer an evolving wardrobe – not a uniform but a mix of styles that portray a company image. A co-ordinated collection  that means everyone can choose their own style but still shouts brand  collectively and shouts “Hey I’m part of the team”!   Our Gina design team work on colour , cut and fit with extra touches of imaginative detail – all of this to keep abreast with the winds of change.

This approach has proved successful both in creating new looks and updating an existing company image.

Our Work wear clothing also needs to perform as well as it looks and we are constantly coming up with new ideas to enhance comfort and durability.

Our fabrics are light and breathable incorporating state of the art Nano-technology. Fabrics that think for themselves and repel stains and bounce back into shape after washing.

At Gina we work together to make our customers look and feel good   – always delivering with Care and Style.

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