It’s all a change for Corporate Wear suppliers

The corporate wear supplier industry is on the move. Fresh design, Slick shapes, innovations in textiles and bags of energy from designers are pushing the boundaries.

There’s a lot on the cards for the future of Corporate clothing suppliers.

There’s a real buzz about the corporate wear sector at the moment as the shift filters through from general lifestyle trends that have changed the way we all as consumers operate.

People have become accustomed to comparing products and prices online which means procurement departments have to be more accountable than ever when purchasing new uniforms and garments.

The pace in Corporate wear has picked up and suppliers face more demands than ever before. Better, faster, greater value- the demands on the Uniform Market continue to evolve.

If the suppliers can make a great product, supply fast and with no drama they will be successful in this sector.  Major retailers such as Taka lot, Spree and Zando have shifted the culture in expectations for the Corporate  sector in terms of price and delivery.

Sourcing Design inspiration

The Corporate  wear industry is more professional than it ever has been in terms of knowledge, capability  and quick reaction to trends in fabric, fashion, and manufacturing.  Wearers are asking more of their garments  and the uniform is seen as an integral part of the branding process. Gina@workunderstands this and strives to talk strategy with marketing depts. before the design process is underway.

Competition is fierce , and clients are looking for a uniform supplier that knows their game, can deliver what they need and will surpass their expectations.

Keeping on trend

At Gina@work  we are constantly kept  updated with imagery and fantastic new innovations and trends the world over. Current trends are emerging to bring “it home” and embrace and African identity and where feasible this is a direction which we will embrace.

Corporate  design is for all cultures, shapes, and sizes – it’s for real people who need to work.  Every detail counts.

So at Gina, we continually work on achieving that balance between the look and the practicality of the garments which is essential to any range – both our open wardrobe collection and our bespoke ranges for individual clients.



The future of Corporate-wear Suppliers


Knowing your business and your competition  but more importantly keeping abreast of the wider industry developments is essential to understand the challenges facing Corporate wear suppliers today.

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