Corporate Uniforms Through The Seasons

Work clothes in South Africa have become somewhat of a standard, thanks to the immense benefits they endow for corporates—both internally and externally. From an internal perspective, they cultivate a culture of belonging amongst employees, and this in turn breeds high levels of brand loyalty, increasing productivity. From an external point of view, corporate uniforms show customers that a company acts as a cohesive and professional entity. They also boost brand recognition and awareness at no extra cost.

With the benefits of corporate clothing South Africa being irrefutable, the main consideration isn’t that you should incorporate it, but rather how you will integrate uniforms into playing a critical marketing tool for your business. Of course, matters like your brand identity and culture should be taken into account, but with the climate in South Africa being so diverse, it is of utmost importance that you think about how your workwear clothing will accommodate this diversity, and cater to your staffs’ preferences and differing body shapes and needs.

At Gina@work, we present a tour de force in corporate fashion trends and quality manufacturing. We make use of cutting edge technology that provide you with fabrics that are stylish, comfortable, and easy to care for. Uniforms don’t need to look and feel dreary – there is absolutely no reason why you can’t look stylish and professional, as well as feel comfortable.

Main points to consider:

  • Cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town experience vastly different weather patterns across the same seasons. If you have branches across the country, you need to have corporate uniforms that take this into consideration.
  • When deciding on specific designs for your corporate workwear, ensure that you allow for some versatility. Perhaps branded collared shirts in short-sleeve as well as long-sleeve tailored cuts. Shirts with collars for ties in winter, and soft, loose blouses in summer, when it is more comfortable to remain cool. Keeping the dress shirt as a standard classic item, however, ensures a professional look at all times.
  • Think about the fabrics that are being used in the designs. Winter calls for heavy or warmer fabric, and summer for light and breathable cottons. However, winters in Johannesburg are a lot different to Cape Town, and your corporate uniforms should reflect that. For example, winters are rather humid in Natal, and therefore it would be a good idea to have a uniform of light fabric that breathes well.

If the comfort of your employees is at the forefront of your mind when deciding on work clothes in South Africa, then it’s unlikely that you will put a foot wrong. Always make sure that the clothing is comfortable to wear in the conditions of the season, and also that it also serves as practically relevant to the tasks that the employee needs to perform as part of their job. Trust Gina to carry through your vision with care and style. In this way, you can make corporate uniforms work for you and your company no matter what the weather.

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