Corporate Clothing and Your Brand Identity

In a world that is exploding with technology and communication, it is becoming more and more important to have an easily identifiable brand identity to stand out from the clutter. When it comes to employees, the way they are viewed by the public will directly influence the light in which your brand is perceived. A surefire way to guarantee that the public image of your company is enhanced by your employees, is to use corporate clothing.

Work clothes in South Africa have become synonymous with various professional service industries, including top hotels, banks, healthcare, and airlines. At Gina, we understand the importance of branding through corporate uniforms, and strive to make our customers look and feel good, whilst always enhancing your brand image.

Benefits of corporate workwear:

  • Employees always look professional, and enhance brand image
  • Uniformity instills a strong sense of culture amongst employees
  • Employees are great brand ambassadors, and a positive experience with employees can go a long way towards building strong brands
  • Corporate uniforms drive loyalty and unite employees, and this can positively affect their work ethic and sense of pride in their brand

The benefits of wearing branded clothing are plentiful, and all serve to enhance a company’s culture of productivity and professionalism. When employees feel valued, they will act in a way that positively impacts the company’s image. At Gina we understand the value placed on looking and feeling good at work, and therefore it is our highest priority to provide corporate clothing manufactured with care and style.

Corporate workwear and marketing:

Uniforms are one of your most powerful marketing tools – they can be used to professionally portray your brand image and will contribute significantly towards a positive brand experience for customers

Uniforms coordinate and unify your brand through presenting a collective brand identity

Uniforms make it easy for your customers to identify who works for the brand

Uniforms can be a travelling advert for your brand, whilst staff travel to and from work

It is easy to see how work clothes in South Africa can be used as a creative add-on to your company’s existing marketing strategy. In many ways, this addition could be a huge saving in the costs of marketing, with daily visibility of the brand often proving more effective than the other customary forms of promotion. With Gina by your side to provide you with the best in terms of style, comfort, and quality – there is no way you can go wrong!

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